Oak Eatery – The Best American Food in Medina?


If you are going through Medina, Minnesota or are in the area, you may have heard of a place called Oak Eatery. Tucked away between a railroad track and Highway 55, Oak Eatery is a traditional American restaurant serving a mix of healthy and delicious food. After visiting Medina, a friend took me out to eat at this place, and I was excited to see if the food was as good as the reviews said.


If you’re driving down Highway 55, the restaurant itself can be easy to miss. It’s located at 190 Westfalen Trail #500 near the Medina Target and Aldi. You can still see Oak Eatery from the highway, but if you’re driving by you might not realize it’s a restaurant.

How Busy Was Oak Eatery?

My friend said that of all the times he has ate there it has never been too crowded. This is probably because of the somewhat secluded location. When we got there, it was about 7:00PM and there was maybe two families sitting down inside, and a few outside. We chose to sit outside.

Oak Eatery’s outside seating during the winter

I should note that this was during the summertime. Since then, I’ve been back several times, including in the winter, however the outside seating is not open then. I shot the picture above in March. It should be noted that the train runs right behind this seating area and can be a bit loud when sitting outside.

How is the service?

Oak Eatery takes your orders at the cash register at the front of the restaurant before giving you a number to take to your table. The lady at the counter was very nice and polite and she has been there every time I’ve went back. I have to say that service is one of their strengths.

After ordering, it only takes around 10 to 15 minutes on average to get your food, which is very fast, considering that we’re not talking about a fast food restaurant.

Is the food any good?

I ordered their All American Burger and a House Salad, however they have a whole menu of burgers, breakfast foods, lunches, and dinners. Their website even says they offer boxed lunches.

I must say their All American burger is one of the best burgers I’ve ever had. It’s served on a special bread that is not typical of most burgers, but trust me, it’s way better in my opinion, and everyone I’ve taken there afterwards has loved it too.

And the house salad was equally great, and the whole meal felt very healthy. Overall, the food has been amazing every time I’ve went there and my friends have said the same. In my opinion, it’s the perfect mix between healthy food and food that tastes good.

Should I go there?

Absolutely! If you’re going through Medina, or are even in the Plymouth area in Minnesota, I highly recommend stopping by Oak Eatery to grab a bite. Happy eating!


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