Peg’s Countryside Cafe Review – Best Breakfast Restaurant in Medina?

Peg's Countryside Cafe

If you’re looking for a breakfast restaurant in Medina, Minnesota or the Plymouth area in general, you may want to consider a little known place called Peg’s Countryside Cafe. In this post, I’ll be going over my review for this restaurant.


Peg’s Countryside Cafe is located just North of Highway 55 right next to McDonald’s. You can’t actually access parking for the restaurant from the McDonald’s parking lot, so be sure to park in the designated parking lot for Peg’s.


Peg’s is located in a unique, yellow building that, from the outside, looks like it could be more of a house than a restaurant. If you were driving down the highway, you might not even know Peg’s is a cafe.

In back of the cafe

Inside the restaurant is a different story. It’s got a great, small-town feel with tons of pictures and other miscellaneous memorabilia. I went at 1:00PM on a Sunday with a friend and it felt pretty packed, but we did get seated right away.

Inside Peg’s Countryside Cafe

I personally liked the homey feel, but that of course is a personal opinion. It’s a lot different and more personal felling than the McDonald’s next door.

How Is The Service?

The service was great, we were seated immediately, and our waitress was very nice and pleasant. It only took around 10 minutes to get our food after ordering.

Is The Food Any Good?

I ordered their build-a-breakfast with pancakes, eggs, and bacon and my friend ordered a Grilled Cheese. After ordering, our waitress came back and asked my friend if it was okay that the grilled cheese came on rye bread. I appreciated the fact that she took the extra time to see if he was okay with that, because some customers might have expected otherwise and been surprised when the food came.

It took around 10 minutes for the food to come, which isn’t bad at all. It took about as long as the next-door McDonald’s, and you’re probably wondering how the food actually tasted.

Peg’s Countryside Cafe build a breakfast with pancakes, eggs, and bacon.

The food came with one egg, a bacon strip, two pancakes, and a glass of orange juice. You do get the option of choosing your own meat, how your eggs are cooked, if you want bread, and your choice of juice. You can find a menu at their website.

As for taste, I think the pancakes were the highlight of the meal. The eggs, bacon, and juice were good, however the pancakes were my favorite. They were fluffy, sweet, and I loved them. In my opinion, they were a lot better than the pancakes served at McDonald’s.

Grilled cheese on Rye Bread served at Peg’s Cafe.

My friend’s grilled cheese came on rye bread like the waitress said and it had two types of cheese. He said it was good and he let my try some of the fries. I thought the fries were delicious, and tasted like they were beer-battered and they didn’t ruin them with heavy seasoning like many places do.


Overall, I thought our breakfast / lunch at Peg’s Cafe was great, and I highly recommend it if you’re looking for a breakfast restaurant in Medina, Minnesota or the Plymouth area.

In my opinion, you get a more homey and personable experience than if you were to go to the McDonald’s next door or any fast food place for that matter. In total, our lunch was about $20 and my friend ordered a pop as well.

If you’re going through Medina and see a bright yellow house-like building with a chicken on the front, consider stopping by Peg’s Countryside Cafe for a great meal!


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